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Robert Sheldon - Contributor
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New cloud-based services offer serious conveniences for users and potential pluses for corporate IT. These services -- including Amazon Simple Storage Service, Box, and SkyDrive -- have entered the marketplace with simple value propositions. They offer easy-to-use, often no-cost, file-sharing services and storage. Considering the inelegant alternatives of the past, the convenience and performance of these services is a significant win for users. But cloud-based services should also give IT professionals pause. They pose issues such as data privacy and security. For IT and users to make secure, productive use of such services, companies need to have a strategy for segmenting and managing their critical and noncritical data. In this About to Buy guide on corporate data in the cloud, we explore some of the oft-used cloud-based services, their benefits and challenges for corporate IT, as well as features, pricing and other factors to consider prior to adoption.  Access >>>

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Robert Sheldon - Contributor

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