BYOD issues: App management, licensing, compliance and more

Mastering the BYOD trend: The ultimate guide

BYOD woes: App management, licensing, compliance

Writing policies and dealing with security predicaments are just the start of IT's BYOD troubles: Admins have to find ways to handle a bunch of other difficulties, too. Issues with bandwidth, mobile printing, app management and compliance have been known to rear their heads.

The more prepared IT is to deal with these issues, the more smoothly your bring your own device (BYOD) program can run. Get familiar with the BYOD problems that could be on your horizon.

In this part:

BYOD taxes wireless network bandwidth
The bring your own device trend causes troubles for IT admins, but it also strains corporate wireless network bandwidth. For some companies, the answer has been to upgrade security and add bandwidth.

Mobile printing and BYOD won't play nice
First users want to bring devices to work, then they want to print from them. What's an IT pro to do when BYOD and printing won't mesh? Wait for Google, Apple and Microsoft to offer to improve their mobile printing offerings, of course!

BYOD good for wireless LAN market, WLAN design
Just as IT has to evolve in the wake of BYOD, so too does wireless LAN design. An influx of devices means more traffic and endpoints, forcing design changes and driving up equipment sales. And that's a good thing for the WLAN market.

Content management pressure rises, BYOD to blame
Content management is becoming more difficult for managers and IT pros. New devices mean new access points, and users are working on documents from different apps and OSes. Now IT has to worry about supporting multiple operating systems without losing documents.

Mobile cloud apps, BYOD create licensing compliance
Microsoft licensing agreements don't account for employees' use of personal cloud services or mobile devices. Be proactive and vigilant about app management and look after what your users are doing on mobile devices, and you can avoid licensing compliance issues .

Native vs. Web: what's best for IT app management?
It's no surprise that admins prefer Web apps. They're easier to secure and manage than native apps. Unfortunately, employees like native apps for their superior user experience, so IT has to find ways to deal.