BlackBerry operating system and BlackBerry Enterprise Server

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  • BlackBerry World

    BlackBerry World is the official app store for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. 

  • BlackBerry Hub

    BlackBerry Hub is a BlackBerry 10 application that lets users access and respond to emails, text messages and social network activity. 

  • BlackBerry Messenger

    BlackBerry Messenger is a native real-time communications application for BlackBerry smartphones. 

  • predictive text

    Predictive text is an input technology that is designed to facilitate typing by suggesting words based on the first letters typed, in the context of other words in the message. 

  • BlackBerry Balance

    BlackBerry Balance is a feature of BlackBerry Enterprise Server that allows IT administrators to deploy, secure and remove specific applications and data on BlackBerry smartphones. 

  • BlackBerry 10

    BlackBerry 10 is a mobile operating system from Research in Motion. BlackBerry 10 will be based on technology developed by QNX Software Systems, which RIM acquired in 2010. 

  • QNX

    QNX is a mobile operating system that was originally developed for embedded systems. 

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)

    BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is a middleware program that allows BlackBerry devices to access corporate messaging and collaboration software such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise. 

About BlackBerry operating system and BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Research in Motion’s BlackBerry operating system is an enterprise stalwart, delivering corporate email access to mobile business users for more than a decade. Thanks to BlackBerry Enterprise Server, IT administrators have a higher level of control over email access on BlackBerry devices than they do on other smartphones and tablets, and that drove the rise of the BlackBerry among business customers. Although the consumerization of IT has led to an influx of other mobile OSes, such as Apple iOS and Google Android, the BlackBerry operating system is still a popular choice in the enterprise. In this section you’ll find the latest BlackBerry news, plus expert tips on working with the BlackBerry operating system and managing corporate email with BlackBerry Enterprise Server.