Mobile service providers and wireless carriers

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  • HSPA (high speed packet access)

    HSPA (high speed packet access) is a third-generation (3G) mobile broadband communications technology. 

  • LTE-Advanced (Long Term Evolution-Advanced)

    Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-Advanced) is a cellular networking standard that offers higher throughput than its predecessor, the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. 

  • OTA update (over-the-air update)

    An OTA update, or over-the-air update, is the wireless delivery of new software or data to mobile phones and tablets. 

  • mobile device fragmentation

    Mobile device fragmentation is a phenomenon that occurs when some mobile users are running older versions of an operating system, while other users are running newer versions. 

  • 3G card

    A 3G card is a modem that allows a computing device to access the Internet wirelessly through a cellular provider's 3G network. 

  • Mobile service provider

    A mobile service provider (MSP) is a company that offers mobile communication services to users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. 

About Mobile service providers and wireless carriers

IT administrators probably don’t pay a lot of attention to mobile service providers and wireless carriers, but thanks to the mobile workforce and the consumerization of IT, these companies are transmitting more corporate data than ever before. If your organization issues mobile devices to employees, it’s important to know about the speed, availability and security of mobile service providers’ networks, because those factors will affect which devices you choose to issue and support -- not to mention how your mobile employees do their jobs. This section includes news on the major wireless carriers, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, plus tips on evaluating and selecting mobile service providers to support your mobile workforce.