Windows tablet PC and Windows Phone operating systems

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  • Microsoft Windows 8.1

    Microsoft Windows 8.1 is a PC and tablet operating system released in October 2013. 

  • Windows 8

    Windows 8 is a Microsoft operating system (OS) that was released in 2012 as part of the Windows NT family. Windows 8 represents a major departure from previous versions of Windows because it is based on the Metro design language, which facilitates a ... 

  • predictive text

    Predictive text is an input technology that is designed to facilitate typing by suggesting words based on the first letters typed, in the context of other words in the message. 

  • Windows Store

    Windows Store is the online marketplace for Windows 8 and Windows RT users to purchase and download apps. 

  • Metro apps

    Metro apps are touch-screen-friendly apps written especially for Microsoft's WinRT programming interfaces.  

  • Windows RT

    Windows RT (for "Runtime") is a version of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system (OS) designed for mobile devices, particularly tablet PCs. The first installations of RT will be on the lower-end version of Microsoft's Surface tablet; the higher end ... 

  • Surface (Microsoft Surface tablet)

    Surface is a line of tablet computers from Microsoft. Surface tablets will have a 10.6-inch wide display and come with USB support, dual Wi-Fi antennae, a built-in kick stand and a keyboard that doubles as the tablet’s cover.  

  • Windows Phone 7

    Windows Phone 7 is a Microsoft operating system for smartphones. 

About Windows tablet PC and Windows Phone operating systems

The next Windows tablet PC releases will run on Windows 8, and the Windows Phone OS also mirrors the look and feel of Windows 8. By blurring the lines between PCs, smartphones and tablets, Microsoft hopes its success on the desktop will translate to Windows mobile devices. And IT administrators hope the Windows 8 tablet operating system and Windows Phone OS will integrate more easily into their existing desktop management strategies than other mobile platforms have. The resources in this section provide strategies for Windows tablet PC and Windows Phone management, plus how-to tips for delivering applications to these devices. You’ll also get news on the latest Windows 8 tablet operating system and Windows Phone OS releases, as well as new Windows tablet PC devices.