iOS operating system

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  • Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (Apple WWDC)

    The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is Apple Inc.'s annual multi-day training event for iOS and Mac OS X software developers. 

  • Apple iOS in the Car

    iOS in the Car is Apple technology that integrates the iPhone with an automobile's built-in dashboard display, audio system and controls. 

  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP)

    The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a service that allows organizations to buy iOS apps for their end users. 

  • iOS 7

    iOS 7 is the seventh version of Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch. Like earlier versions, iOS 7 is based on Macintosh OS X and supports multi-touch gesture recognition for user actions including pinching, tapp... 

  • Apple iTunes

    Apple iTunes is software that allows computer users to purchase, download and manage music, videos, applications and other media. 

  • configuration profile (CP)

    A configuration profile (CP) is an XML file that an IT administrator can use to customize settings on an end user's Apple iOS or Mac OS X device. 

  • iOS Erase

    iOS Erase is a feature that obliterates everything stored in the iOS encrypted file system’s user partition. All user partition contents – including contacts, calendars, device settings, third-party applications, and associated application data – bec... 

  • jailbreaking

    Jailbreaking, in a mobile device context, is the use of an exploit to remove manufacturer or carrier restrictions from a device such as an iPhone or iPad. The exploit usually involves running a privilege escalation attack on a user’s device to replac... 

  • predictive text

    Predictive text is an input technology that is designed to facilitate typing by suggesting words based on the first letters typed, in the context of other words in the message. 

  • Apple AirPrint

    Apple AirPrint is an iOS feature that lets users print documents and other files from their iPhones and iPads. 

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About iOS operating system

Apple’s iOS operating system powers the iPhone and iPad, the devices most responsible for the consumerization of IT, as well as the iPod Touch and even Apple TV. It debuted as the iPhone operating system in 2007, and Apple introduced it as the iPad operating system when that device came out in 2010. Apple does not allow installation of the iOS operating system on non-Apple hardware, and the company also places strict controls on the applications and services you can run on iOS. (For example, the iOS operating system famously won’t run Flash, which powers many online video players.) These policies aim to make iOS run more efficiently and securely, but they also limit the extent to which IT administrators can manage these devices. In this section you’ll learn about iPad and iPhone operating system management and get the latest news on the iOS operating system.