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  • IT admins, MDM vendors mull Apple Device Enrollment Program integration

    Apple is listening to IT with device enrollment and volume app purchasing programs updates, yet vendors and IT pros are left to sort through it all.

  • Getting upper management involved in your BYOD program

    To make your BYOD program a success, make sure that your end users' bosses aren't left out of the picture.

  • Why Samsung SAFE features aren't unique

    The goal of Samsung's SAFE program is to provide better security and protection of data on Samsung devices. You might be able to glean some benefits for your corporate environment, but many Samsung SAFE features aren't actually that...

  • Guide to iOS 7, OS X Mavericks and new Apple devices

    Whether admins like it or not, Apple devices and OSes have made their way into the enterprise and are here to stay.

    How does Apple stay competitive? By offering devices and applications that consumers want, and by giving enterprise IT...

  • There aren't always enterprise mobile apps for that

    "There's an app for that" helped sell millions of iPhones in the device's early years. Apple's slogan, featured in iconic advertisements seared into our brains, foretold the world we live in today, where user-friendly mobile applications only do...

  • How to install CyanogenMod for rooting Android devices

    If you decide to root an Android device, one option for doing so is CyanogenMod, firmware that's accessible, open and secure.

    CyanogenMod is custom, aftermarket, open source firmware for Android, created by a community of developers to...

  • Ditching AD for cloud authentication and identity management services

    If you are like many organizations, you have long used the default choice of Microsoft Active Directory to provide a service for workers to identify themselves as having resource permissions. But today, a tidal wave of change among users and the...

  • IT shops get Microsoft EMM suite, Office for iPad – with a catch

    Microsoft delivered an enterprise mobility management suite for IT administrators and finally launched the long-awaited Office for iPad app this week for free -- but there's a catch.

    Users can view Office documents in the free app, but...

  • Apple Volume Purchase Program (Apple VPP)

    The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a service that allows organizations to buy iOS apps for their end users.

  • Will a drop in Windows 8.1 licensing spur the sub-$250 market for IT?

    Microsoft's Windows 8.1 licensing fee cuts will do little to spark the interest of enterprise IT professionals who might consider low-cost devices for their organization.

    The aggressive move is designed to help nascent Windows 8 tablet...

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